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The Horde chopper is on its way, and you need to log in now to claim it! Your votes for Azeroth Choppers were counted, and one faction’s war cry roared loudest: the Horde bike will now be turned into a mount in World of Warcraft! Anyo...
Published Jul 25, 2014
At this year’s Blizzard Entertainment Showcase panel at San Diego Comic-Con, epic loot was in no short supply. But don’t worry if you weren’t at the panel this year—we’ve got you covered with a roundup of all the loot we reveal...
Published Jul 24, 2014
Mr. Bigglesworth, did you hear that? There appears to be a small commotion outside. . . . Meow? Intruders everywhere! Who left the door open?! A curse upon you, interlopers! Rouse my undead army! Bring me my most imposi...
Published Jul 24, 2014
Do you have what it takes to compete on the big stage in the WoW Arena World Championship at BlizzCon 2014? We’ve got all of the WoW North American Arena Tournament information you need to set you on your path to global domination. Ei...
Published Jul 24, 2014
We’re here with a brand-new Artcraft! I’m your host, Chris Robinson, senior art director on World of Warcraft, and today we’re showing you where we’re at with the female Tauren. The original female Tauren had a lot of issues wit...
Published Jul 24, 2014
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So, obviously I havent been on for a few months, due to life. I don't think I'll be coming back to raid ever again, though possibly dabble from time to time, still a few more achieves I have to get. 

First, I want to thank Vow for taking over during the January/Feb time when I knew I'd be gone. NTC was not fun, and my opportunity to interact was limited, and I really want to thank you for stepping up. I know it's not a position you asked for when you first came over here again, but you do have a natural leadership ability that manifested itself. If you wish to rename to <PoWK> go for it. Thank Div, too, she's been a quiet excellent addition.

Second, to Sweaty, thanks for sticking with me through my (now successful, I think) attempt to get <Tense> back to raiding, and for backing me/Vow up. Oh, friggin mounts/achieves, you had better pass me on achieves soon enough, since you passed me in mounts awhile ago. The competition was great. 

My situation: I know Hogo sort of explained it, but wifey (yes I'm married, have been since 09, long story) and I are doing excellent, and she's not fond of WoW, at all. She does live on the opposite end of the US from me, so she can't tell what I do/dont do in my free time, but I do put her above the game. I still treasure you all as excellent friends, and do still plan on visiting you all some time, but the Army seems to always wreck them, I'm about 90% sure I'm leaving for Korea now in June, so BLARGH. Back to AK in March, then *cross your fingers* outta here! I might be on D3 every now and again, as well as maybe SCII. several of you have my number, feel free to text/FB me. '

You guys rock, stay thirsty!
kkronc a I'll be rocking Korea from June to March. fucksticks.
Bobble If you have a PoWK party, make sure you don't do it during July! I'll be in Guatemala.
kkronc a ill definitely let everyone know! and sorry yuruse, i prolly wont be doing that.
Hello dear reader,
<Tense is proceeding nicely in a 2 day a week raid schedule, provided that we have 8/9/10 raiders on, we can usually score about 2 bosses a week. For those of you currently not in <Tense> weve essentially adopted the same type of more then 10 people for a 10 man raid thingy that we were doing before. It's worked great imo, since raids are on Fri/Sat nights, and people have lives, and we've usually ended up pugging a few people. I want to say thanks to Darke for bringing in his shammy a few times several weeks ago, to Yuruse the time/too he's brought his monk/priest, and to Jinx for the use of her druid/priest as well.
Also serious thanks to Vow/Div for their toons transferring back over here, you guys have made a real difference, and its greatly appreciated! I gotta say its a great feeling to have friends who want to raid with you, to have people just hop in mumble to see if something's goin on.
For the reflection on the past, I've gotta say its always nice to see the older members of the community being active, whether playing or not.To see people that have somehow known each other for years, yet some never met, and to communicate outside the game speaks to the quality of people we are. Not everyone likes everyone always, but hey, thats how life is.
For the future, yes, we do plan on raiding in WoD! (and if your "Old Tense: there's always a spot for you) We've got a good set of people currently in place, and am excited about moving forward into <Garrosh still being a dick> xpac.
I'll be out of the loop for a month in mid Jan to mid Feb, but after, stay tuned for details on a Kkroncon! I'm 90% sure I'm escaping the frozen tundra up here this year, so when I have details, the planning shall begin!
Fedya YAY!!
kkronc a w/e has the best ring to it is what it will be called
Bobble KkroncCon? I thought it was Kkroncapalooza? Has a better ring to it, I think.

<Tense> Back at it again!

kkronc a posted Oct 27, 13
Yea thats right, <Tense> has started downing bosses again. No, were not going super crazy or anything, raiding 6 (or 7) days a week. But, we have started working on normal, thanks to a few things. 1st, after a very successful drunk LFR, in which we had ~15 people in mumble, we merged <Supression> into us, providing us with the push to get into normal and the few extra people we needed. 2nd, we realized that we could do it, and without doing something, we'd just drift apart into oblivion. People do want to raid, and we have excellent people still kicking around. 
What does this hold for the future? More drunk LFR's, thats for sure. A marriage between Alex and Bobble? We'll see. Flex on Wednesdays? I believe so. Drunk bg's? I hope so. Don't forget about the weekly competition to win 5k, and to hop on mumble if you want to say hi!
Stay thirsty!
Bobble yay, Amenzie! If you want to refer a friend as well, let me know! I want the Hippogryph and Goblin Rocket mounts.
Amenzie a Glad to see the fun has started up again. With a level boost to 90, you should see Amenzie 2.0 sometime as well.
Alexander Two Bachelor partys, yup.

<Tense> under new management

kkronc a posted Aug 19, 13
What does this mean for you?
Well, a few things. 1st, if you're a member of <Tense> you've seen the change from a cutting edge raiding guild to a much more casual friendly guild. As pretty much everyone in the guild is 18+ with irl responsibilities such as fighting commies or saving the world one class at a time, amongst other things, such heavy raiding activities might not commence again for a long, long time.
2nd, if you're not, you probably know who I am (Kkronc). You know that I like a myriad of all things WoW, and do endeavor to not suck at them. If you don't, well, you can usually find me ingame or someone can get a hold of me if you desperately need me.
3rd, what does this mean for you?
Welcome to the forums! Here you can delve into a past history of posts and share and immortalize deeds for the guild, yourself, the Horde, and if you ask nice (or its a guild event!) the Alliance.
Posting is encouraged and welcomed, and for those of you who check this regularly, thanks and keep it up!
Yuruse I plan to give kkronc some gold since he saved my home, Yao just isn't financially stable right now :/
kkronc a Thanks for the donation of gold! and Hooray for people appreciating the drunken fun, it will continue as soon as I vanqu ...
Jinx And drunk bg's are beyond fun lol.
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oo you moved it
Thanks Pharm, Grats to you guys. Way to be dedicated and get Lei Shen down.
Thanks Pharmakia!
yea gummy, it doesnt show up on the forums, so people forgpt about it :/
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